Elmsford Raceway Birthday Parties – Review

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Elmsford Raceway Birthday Parties – Review

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A review from one of our Birthday Party customers:

Elmsford Raceway Birthday Parties

Slot car racing and racing car cupcakes make it a win win for everyone.

by : weewestchester.com

November 24, 2012

My five-year-old was invited to a birthday party at Elmsford Raceway. This slot car racing track has been in business since 1966 and is a neighborhood favorite. Not only was this my first time at Elmsford Raceway, but I also hadn’t heard of slot car racing before the party.

Birthday Parties at Elmsford-Raceway

Imagine a mini race track with replicas of full size cars racing on grooves that are powered by 12 volts of current. With a hand controller you race your car along the track – accelerating and braking. Each track color corresponds to the color of the cars making it easy for kids and adults to remember which car is they are racing. Elmsford Racetrack has three tracks for different levels of ability, so you can start out as a beginner and advance.

When I stepped inside I was immediately wowed by the room filled with miniature racetracks. There are stools in front of the tracks that are the right size for little kids and each kid is given instructions and help when they’re cars fall off their slot. The atmosphere of the room is filled with racing posters and paraphernalia so it feels very authentic.

The next thing I noticed was that the kids were enthralled. And not just the boys, but the girls, too. My daughter got her little hands on a controller and it was like she has been racing cars all her life. After a few minutes an announcement was made that she won second place and her friends won first and third place. The girls were ecstatic.


After plenty of time for racing, the kids got to enjoy racing car cupcakes and snacks at the party tables next to the race tracks. There was a racing car piñata and racing car coloring books were given out as good-bye gifts. (All these extras were provided by the birthday boy’s parents.) The kids went home happy and proud. My daughter hung up her second prize ribbon in her bedroom. This was her first racing car ribbon and, who knows, maybe not her last.

Find out more about birthday parties at Elmsford Raceway on their website. Or stop in for a few hours of racing fun!

Elmsford Raceway: 344 Sawmill River Road, Elmsford NY; 914-592-5375

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