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Paul Stone

The fourth driver to retire a car number at Elmsford Raceway, Paul won more than 50 racing plaques by the tender age of 14. He won the adult-focused ERI Can-Am Series while still eligible to compete in our Junior Can-Am events with cars built solely by him on budget drawn from a strictly limited allowance!  That limited allowance required Paul to build his own chassis from scratch, which he did without adult help.

A frequent concourse winner, Paul was also the leader of one of our premier endurance racing teams in 1970s, “Team Us”, comprised of other junior racers,  Bruce Holcomb, Wade Murphy and Alan Wilton.

Today, Paul is a successful attorney in Westchester, NY

Paul Stone

Attendees of an Elmsford Raceway awards dinner, that include Paul (bottom middle) along with Lou and Barbara del Rosario, Kenny Yale, Bruce Holcomb, Wade Murphy, and Ken Franzblau.

Bob Devol

and the Garcia Racing Team

Racing back in the day with  Wade Murphy, Jim “The Snake” Politti,    Bob “Evil” Devol, Jim Dammerall, and Michael del Rosario.

As a young man, Bob attended a drag race event, and the rest is history.  He has raced slot cars, radio control cars and full size cars.

Bob was an original member of Garcia Racing Team, founded in 1966 at Racecenter of Greenwich.  After Racecenter closed, Garcia Racing started competing at Elmsford Raceway in force.  In all its forms, Bob has been the consistent of Garcia racing, competing in countless enduros and rallies with Bob Husted, Al Scott, Ernie Pugliese, Ricky and Michael del Rosario, Phil Fredericks, Pete Schneider, Charlie Lynch, Gareth Porter, David Porter and others.

Bob owns an advertising company and is responsible for Elmsford Raceway’s term, “Flat Out Fun”

Bob Devol

An Elmsford Raceway awards dinner with Bob as M.C. and Eric “Sneakers” Hahn to his left. Bob racing to a win in a full size Formula Ford at Watkins Glen, his favorite track.


John Marconi

John started racing with us as a teen.  After getting married, he worked as a full time firefighter and is now a building contractor.  John has provided for many of Elmsford Raceway’s building needs and did terrific work in refurbishing our decades-old racetracks.  (BIG Thanks, John!)  We are indebted to John for all of his help through all our moves and construction needs.

John Marconi

A multiple Elmsford Raceway GTP Champion, John has also dominated in our NASCAR Series events and has excelled in drag racing, too.