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Elmsford Slot Car Raceway

watching-the-racesSlot car racing is the hobby of racing miniature electric-powered replicas of full size cars on a track layout with “grooves” or “slots”. The slot cars have a guide flag attached to the front of the car. This flag can swivel in both directions and follows the slot in the track. Either battery or direct current powers the track. There are three tracks, each with eight slots and each providing a different level of challenge for the inexperienced to the very experienced driver.

The use of a hand controller hooked up to the main power source at each color-coded station provides the current to the slot that the car is racing on. By pulling the trigger of the controller, current passes from the track power source through the set of relays, through the braid on the track and the slot car, to the motor, and through the resistor in the hand unit. The further the trigger is depressed, the quicker the slot car will run. To slow the slot car down or to stop completely, the trigger of the controller is released.

slot-car-racersRacers quickly develop an enhanced sense of eye-hand coordination. There are many skills that will be learned and challenged with slot car racing from learning to build and decal your car (if you choose) to learning and understanding how speed, velocity and banking the turns is critical to driving successfully. Drivers can rent a car and controller, purchase a “Starter Kit” with a ready to drive car or build a car from scratch.

The hobby can be interactive and is enjoyed by young children to adults. Good sportsmanship is learned and promoted at all times and to the highest levels.

There’s always plenty of action at the three Elmsford Raceway tracks. If you’re a beginner, come down and try out the raceway. We’ll rent you the car and controller. For the seasoned racer, we have challenging tracks and we sell a complete line of equipment.

Organized race series for NASCAR Bush, Nextel Cup and Craftsman Truck, Group Wing Cars, Formula 1 and CART open wheelers, Le Mans and ALMS endurance racers and Go-Karts, the newest racing fun for the whole family.

Elmsford Raceway, a state of the art slot car racing center, is a clean safe environment for all kinds of family fun, birthday parties, corporate events or any type of function . Three challenging Ogilvie 8 lane custom built commercial slot car tracks named for famous Formula 1 drivers will challenge beginners and experts alike!

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